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The Phinney Ridge Company, General Contractor, Washington State, Seattle
The Phinney Ridge Company, General Contractor, Washington State, Seattle
A couple of words about quality and fair pricing:

Quality is a subjective concept. At The Phinney Ridge Company, we take our time to communicate with our clients so that the final result will meet the client's expectation. But understand,construction and building is a craft or art form. Every project inherently has errors. For example, walls are never perfectly flat and level, corners are never perfectly square, board may be warpped slightly, and building materials may have certain tolerances or imperfections. The job of the craftsman is to work with these inherent imperfections in the materials or existing structure to produce an acceptable result. When it comes to material selection, we select the best grade adhesive, caulks, thin-sets, etc. In addition, we take our time at the lumber yards to make sure that you are getting the best of the available material in stock. If we're not happy with the stock-in-hand at a particular supplier, we'll go somewhere else that has a better selection. When it comes to working the material, we have some of the finest tools, blades and guides to cut the material and we take our time to measure twice and cut once. The result is that our clients are always happy with the quality of the product that we deliver.

Fair pricing means that our clients knows how much the material is costing, how much the project related expenses is costing, the job steps that we are going to perform along with an estimate of how much time it will take. In addition, if we estimated a task taking 3 hours and it ends up only taking us 2 hours to do, we pass that savings on to you. We have a fairly good track record at meeting or beating our estimate. For the projects that we've done that have gone over the estimate, they have largely been due to a change of project scope or the result of running into an unexpected situation that could not be detected until demolision.